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Gagosian Gallery will sell Cindy Sherman, Catherine Opie Masterworks in form of Jewelry

You must have already heard about the biggest enterprises in the world when it comes to the Art Industry, the Gagosian Gallery. Now, there has been a lot of different things which the Gagosian Gallery sells including paintings, sculptures and different antics as well. However, the Gagosian has now announced that it will sell wearable artworks very soon and they will be sold at much lower prices as well. ARTnews reveals that Gagosian has introduced a “new line of jewelry featuring images based on photographs by Catherine Opie and Cindy Sherman, two of the most important photographers working today”.

This new line of artwork has been titled as “Cameo” and the artworks will be seen in the form of rings and brooches which can obviously be worn on one’s hand. Talking about the price of these wearables, we know that Sherman has set a record of $6.7 million for a work that was sold in 2014 at the Christie’s. But we are happy to report that these wearable artworks can be yours for around $10,000 to $35,000. We are also told that the pieces have been carved by hand and it was done by Gino di Luca in Torre del Greco, Italy.

In a statement, Liz Swig told that “What has been incredible about this project is watching these two contemporary artists, Cindy Sherman and Catherine Opie, move from the world of 2D to 3D.” It has to be noted that the artworks were made by jewellery-maker Liz Swig’s business named LizWorks. Gagosian Gallery has revealed that these artwork wearables will be sold for a limited time at its New York shop on Upper Eastside starting from October 16.

Liz added that “The project aligns a strong sense of tradition with the present through a unique, artisan sensibility. The beauty of the objects is powerful, but so is the meaning behind this project—strong respect for both the old and the new.”. You can have a look at all the wearable artworks going on sale from here.