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The artist who expanded possibilities of poetry, John Giorno, has died at the age of 82

We have seen that a lot of artists have done tremendous things for the Art Industry in the past. One of those artists named John Giorno has just passed away at the age of 82. The reports of his death were confirmed by the galleries, Almine Rech and Sperone Westwater, which were representing him for a long time. Talking about John Giorno, it is known that he was an indomitable force in achieving success with the help of poetry, music and art which was “almost impossible-to-believe” as described by ARTnews.

It is known that John wrote poetry which was gloriously explicit in the 1960s which were also a way to reveal his homosexuality and he was also seen giving frenetic performances along with painted bewitching text paintings as well as efforts for colleagues who were battling HIV/AIDS. He is also known to have converted early when came to the United States to Tibetan Buddhism and he leaned towards meditation since then.

Giorno, as we have mentioned earlier, has a prolific and admired career and he also found a place for himself in the canon which is a rare feat for artists around the world. He famously said that “It occurred to me that poetry was 75 years behind painting and sculpture and dance and music.” Therefore, his efforts throughout life were to make poetry catch up with music and dance.

A few years ago, John Giorgo’s butt was seen in a part of the film. Giorno revealed that he himself was surprised to see it on the movie and added that “I stayed out of it because I’m not a filmmaker, I’m a poet, and I know that it’s always best to leave the filmmaker alone and stay out of it.”

Almine Rech, one of the galleries representing John Giorno, said that “We are proud and honoured to have worked closely with this incredible artist, poet, and performer,”