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Hans Haacke shows Donald Trump’s tweets in an installation at the New Museum

We know that the art industry is an extremely creative world where you get to see all kinds of things. However, there are also artists who like to twist their creativity in forms that are not imaginable. They see art in the things that we don’t generally notice. Earlier this year, we reported about an installation at a museum where Hillary Clinton’s emails were printed and shown.

These were the same emails which derailed the election campaign for Hillary over allegations that she leaked sensitive information. Unsurprisingly, Hillary took it very sportingly and she also visited the exhibition as well spent about an hour reading the emails at this installation. Now, we have a similar installation at an art museum where the tweets from US President Donald Trump have been put up. We know that the US President is infamous for his tweets which are sometimes quite honest and blunt.

We can say that the tweets from him are also a work of art and Hans Haacke also feels the same. Because Hans has now put all those tweets at an installation at the New Museum in New York. The installation titled Make Mar-a-Lago Great Again (2019) is evidently based on the famous Donald Trump election campaign quote ‘Make America Great Again’.

However, the installation is very simple in the sense that it only has a monitor displaying tweets from Donald Trump’s Twitter account. However, the monitor is weirdly placed in a tilted position so a visitor has to tilt his head as well to read the tweets. Also, the monitor refreshes every time Trump posts a new tweet which means everyone will see a different tweet during their visit.

Haacke is also asking visitors to provide information about their political leanings, their socioeconomic background, and their beliefs about the art world and the wealth that courses through it. These results from the visitors are also updated live as per the votes and shown in realtime as well.