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Ruth Bader Ginsburg awarded a prize money of $1M by Nicolas Berggruen’s institute

There have been some famous prize money awards given to the prominent names in the art industry. These awards are given for their contribution and the work they have done and it is just a recognition of that. However, we now have reports that a new artist has won a big prize money award. The artist we are talking about is none other than Ruth Bader Ginsburg. This prize money has been given by the Insititute of Billionaire Collector Nicolas Berggruen as we have been told.

Now, we know that the prize money given by Nicolas’ Institute every year is not devoid of controversy as it is known to be a politically oriented think-tank. This year’s winner has been selected as the U.S. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. This is also the first time that a Supreme Court Justice is given the award because prior winners of this award have been philosophers.

Now, Ruth Bader Ginsburg was not the only deserving candidate for this award as there were 500 nominees including Ruth for this award. Ruth has also said in a statement that the prize money awarded to her will be given to a non-profit organization. In a statement, Gutmann who is one of the jury members for selecting this year’s winner said that “By grit and determination, brains, courage, compassion and a fiery commitment to justice, Ruth Bader Ginsburg rose from modest beginnings to become one of the most respected, and most beloved, jurists of our time,”. He added that “Justice Ginsburg has few peers in advancing the cause of human equality through the law.”

Justice Ginsburg has been awarded the prize money for her writing and one of her titled My Own Words has become very prominent in the industry. She also became only the second woman appointed by the Supreme Court in 1993.