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Hillary Clinton makes a visit to the Venice Biennale where she re-reads the infamous emails

We have often told you about famous personalities such as celebrities or stars who visit various exhibitions in the Art Industry from time to time. However, one of the most talked-about politicians in recent US history tweeted that she just took a visit to the Venice Biennale. We are talking about none other than the former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Hillary Clinton was believed to be the forerunner in US Presidential Elections of 2016. During these elections, she was against Donald Trump who later won the elections by a considerable margin. The one thing that hurt Hillary’s campaign was the expose of emails that were meant to be a secret.

The narrative at that time was that if Hillary cannot keep these emails secret then she is not the one who can assume the POTUS role. Now, Hillary wrote in her tweet that she visit the Venice Biennale where there was a re-creation of the Oval Office’s Resolute Desk. There, she re-read the emails that were leaked which led to her downfall in the US Presidential elections.

This project is created by artist and poet Kenneth Goldsmith, titled HILLARY: The Hillary Clinton Emails (2019). For this project, Goldsmith printed 62,000 pages of Clinton’s controversial emails which were sent from a private server. Clinton tweeted:  “Found my emails at the Venice Biennale. Someone alert the House GOP.”

Goldsmith, when asked about Hillary’s visit, said that “It’s amazing—it completed the circle, in a way,” during a phone conversation with ARTnews. He added that “It has her almost become an actor within my tableau,”  and added that “It was unbelievable.”. Goldsmith also claims that Hillary sat there for almost an hour flipping through the emails. However, Goldsmith says that “I kind of wondered what the fuss was about,” and revealed that “They weren’t jammed with thrilling tales of espionage, they didn’t reveal any close secrets. Mostly, they were boring.”