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Tate Modern approaching an international direction with Four Curatorial Appointments

Appointments and Recruitments in the Art Industry are common as is the case with every other industry. However, they also show us the trend that the Museum or organization is taking from who they hire. Same is the case with Tate Modern where we can notice that they are taking an International direction with the appointments. While most of the museums are looking to hire international staff and curators, the Tate Modern museum in London has already taken the first steps. Tate Modern has appointed curators from African, Middle Eastern, and South Asian art in its new curatorial positions.

The appointment of new curators comes at a time when Hyundai Tate Research Centre: Transnational, an initiative intended to globalize Tate’s offerings was opened recently. Talking about the new appointments, we have been told that these curators will have the title of Curator, International Art. These new curators are known to be Nabila Abdel Nabi, Osei Bonsu, Valentina Ravaglia, and Devika Singh. We have been told that Ravaglia will also help oversee Tate’s displays program.

In a statement, Tate Modern’s director Frances Morris said that “Their significant experience and expertise will play an important part in expanding our knowledge of modern and contemporary art from Africa, South Asia, and the Middle East, furthering our ambition to present a truly international story of art through our program and collection.”

Talking about the curators who have been appointed by Tate Modern, we know that Abdel Nabi focuses on art from the Middle East whereas Bonsu specializes in African art. On the other hand, Ravaglia focuses on work by contemporary artists of South African descent. Ravaglia has previously worked as assistant curator at Tate Modern as well.