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Icelandic music composer Kahnin on his new single ‘DuckTape’, albums and rock music!

After the success and overwhelming response of “Stardust“, Kahnin is up with his new single, “DuckTape“, the second one in the row. The Icelandic singer and music composer already discussed his new song while releasing the previous one, and undoubtedly, this one too won the hearts of the audience. “DuckTape” has a highly seductive alternative/art-pop feel to it with a hint of a reggae beat. It draws you in with its dystopian dreamy verses, then shocks the listener back to reality with its harder-edged bridge. The song really flares up with its well balanced, catchy chorus that flirts with a 70s Peter Gabriel and Bowie tone. Adding to that, Iceland’s topography as the backdrop was a cherry on top and definitely the finishing touch of the song we needed. It is a song that should be on everyone’s playlist especially if they enjoy creative songwriting, in the genre of Bowie/Gabriel and Arcade fire. That being said, DuckTape definitely is all Kahnin. Also known as Gudmundur J Gudmundsson, Kahnin established himself over the past two years as being a force to be reckoned with. He gave us a sweet lesson last time; that if one has passion and fire to do something, then the budget won’t even be an issue. A few instruments, sedate background, a camera, and your music would be enough to create a viral video for the internet. His songs had always been a great example of simplicity and soberness.

The pandemic made us witness both sides of human beings, especially of an individual’s personal growth. People are trying to do things that they never got a chance to do. Many artists are enjoying their vacation, on the other hand, some are utilizing this break to create something. And Kahnin belongs to the latter group. He even took the risk of disrupting his safety by stepping outside to make his music videos, for which he deserves round applause. Talking about his last song, “Stardust“, it delivers the perfect tone and flavor of retro music, and one can’t help but tap their feet to the rhythm (or maybe also dance to it). You will just feel to groove your body and move your hips, dancing freely like a child. Or sit alone quietly and thinking about your beloved. The song is a whole mood. The lyrics tell you about the story of a man waiting for a woman he loves, contemplating their future together. The man questions himself whether the woman will agree to marry him after all he did to get her attention. Meanwhile, when he is giving you a romantic hope, all of a sudden he throws the most millennial thing ever, a harsh truth right at your face.

“We’re all Stardust wannabees

We just want to feel the breeze.”

Stardust is a song about your beloved standing far away from you, seeing her playing the Tambourine. This song takes you away to another dimension like the Aladdin’s carpet.

“She’s banging on her tambourine

Will, she ever marry me”

Stardust and DuckTape, both are available on Spotify and have achieved a million views on YouTube and 300k+ listeners on the music streaming platforms. His other popular releases are Wonderland, Highball Chaser, Satellite Boy, etc. Kahnin’s inspirations had been his escapades, when he used to spend time in solitary in remote places, away from all the hustle and bustle. This solitude made him realize his passion and that it is high time to turn his passion into a career. Upon his friend’s suggestion, he released his first album- Family (2018), and then there was no looking back.