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The Indomitable Will Of German Artist UTE

When life gives you lemons, make a lemonade. The old adage seems too fantastic to believe, but every now and then we come across people who stand true to it. Remarkable humans who overcome their limitations through nothing but sheer will power. Ute Schönherr, better known by her stage name UTE, is one such human.

The German artist’s life has been full of upheaval. She remembers loving music since she was just 4 years old. But her physical condition often filled her with doubts about her future as a singer. However, doubts and insecurities seldom stand strong in front of unyielding passion. Listening to music on the radio or on stage or in her garden, UTE’s desire to become a musician only grew stronger with age. Finally, she decided to overcome her weaknesses and fulfil her destiny – as the singer-songwriter UTE (a name she chose to be easily understood by English-speaking audiences).

Unlike most young musicians, who only want to create a catchy beat and simple lyrics, UTE favoured elegance. It doesn’t mean that her works are pretentious or snobbish. On the contrary, she believes in “less is more”. She wants to keep her music simple for the audiences, without losing that polished touch of a master. She gets this from the Grammy award winner Kurt Wipfli. Like him, she too tries to give strong messages through her lyrics. But she also ensures that her compositions are not exaggerated, but rather smooth and relaxing to whoever hears it. UTE usually prefers a cello, saxophone or an acoustic/electric guitar in her songs. The instruments are not used just for the effects, but to underline individual, powerful parts of her music.

When you listen to her, there is an undoubted classy finish to her music. But this finish was not granted at birth or achieved overnight; she spent years polishing her skills. It is just one of those special things about UTE – when she sets her mind on something, she never backs down. In the world of music, we often see rockstars, who seemingly have everything they could have wanted, personally struggle with insecurities and underconfidence. But then you have UTE, who never doubts herself. Despite multitudes of people pulling her down, striking at her morale, she never wavers. Even when her father doubted her making a career in music, she went on and proved everyone wrong.

Speaking of her music, UTE’s latest song is titled “Happiness Together”, written by Kurt Wipfli. The song talks about the bullying culture that affects millions of people every day, and the impact it has on them. The soft song is filled with uplifting lyrics and undoubtedly sends positive vibes to whoever listens to it. Especially in the tough times we are in right now, the song is more important than ever. This probably explains the wild success it has had since its release. So far, it has been viewed more than a million times on YouTube. The song will feature in the film Teenage Girl – Valerie’s Holiday. UTE is already working on another single in November. Titled “Santa Is Knocking At My Door”, the song will definitely prepare you for the Christmas festivities.

UTE’s life has been full of ups and downs, but her success is her own. The way she managed to side-line her disability and emerge as a musical success is inspirational to all of us. A documentary called “Music Makes Me Fly”, based on her daily life and musical journey, is set to be released soon on Amazon Prime Video. More people need to know about the life and time of Ute Schönherr.