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Icelandic singer Kahnin drops his new single – Stardust

The greatest geniuses often thrived in simplicity. So does Kahnin.

Gudmundur Jens Gudmundsson, better known as Kahnin, is a Keflavík-based Icelandic singer and songwriter. For Kahnin, true beauty transcends much above futile concepts like “trends”. Who would sing sea shanties in this day and age? But Kahnin did in 2019, and brought a whole new flavor to it. And now he is back, in times marred by a global pandemic, with another soulful track – Stardust. This will be his eight single so far.

We talked about simplicity in the beginning; Kahnin’s latest single pretty much defines it. The song, titled ‘Stardust’, is Kahnin’s homage to the legends of David and Angie Bowie, as well as the retro rock. When you peek at the lyrics, you find that the song is essentially a narration of a lover’s trepidations. The singer stares at the sky and wonders if the woman he loves would marry him. After all, he has done all in his hands to impress her – will she return the favor? In the midst of the song you see an image being drawn – of a beautiful girl smiling at you, but who knows what’s in her heart? But above all of this is the core philosophy of the song; we all are just “stardust wannabees”.

The song is shot at one of the oldest churches of Iceland, during the COVID-19 lockdown. Greatness doesn’t live in isolation, so Kahnin assembled some of the best musicians for his single. Dylan Wissing, the drummer, has worked with the likes of Eminem, Alicia Keys, Jay Z, and Drake. Ómar Guðjónsson is one of the most prominent guitarists in Iceland. The 42-year old has been a recognized name among jazz artists in the country.

The song is recorded in New York City and shot in Iceland by Arthur Pingrey. In a short span of its release, Stardust is already turning heads all across the world. It has garnered more than a million views on Youtube and been played more than 300k times on Spotify – as of now.

It seems Kahnin has no intention of stopping, even by a global pandemic. Catch his latest single Stardust streaming on Youtube and Spotify.