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Art gallery parties with Banksy – Don’t Die Wondering provides access

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, many of us are missing the excitement and fun of our old social lives. Whilst we may have made the best of the weekends spent inside our homes, there’s nothing quite like having the chance to dress our best and spend the evening socializing with others, especially in a glamorous setting – though for many, these invites may be few and far between.

Enter Don’t Die Wondering, a closely-guarded events society based in London and New York, whose members are consistently in attendance at some of the most exclusive events in the social calendar. If there is a private view, gallery party or exhibition opening that you wish you were attending, then the chances are that it’s the members of Don’t Die Wondering who hold the highly-coveted spots on the guest list.

A recent event attended by Don’t Die Wondering members saw works by world-renowned artists on display, including pieces by Damien Hirst, Kaws, and even Banksy. This intimate and exclusive gallery party took place at the House Of Fine Art in Mayfair – and rumors circulated amongst the guests that Banksy himself may even have been in attendance incognito. Given the intrigue that surrounds DDW parties, perhaps even this isn’t completely out of the question.

Another excellent art event presented by the society was a private view of the There’s No Such Thing As Grown Ups exhibition, by artist Lily Lewis. Lewis gave an insightful talk to her guests, detailing the inspiration behind the exhibition, as well as what the pieces represented to her – an incredibly interesting view to listen to, and one which was reserved for the ears of those who were lucky enough to be there, courtesy of Don’t Die Wondering.

Gallery parties presented by DDW offer a level of glamour envied by many, with champagne flowing freely and the atmosphere being lifted even further by the evening’s DJ, always chosen carefully and with the event in mind. For anyone who may not be used to this kind of stylish, private event, it could feel like a different world entirely.

Don’t Die Wondering are understandably secretive regarding the list of movers and shakers who are lucky enough to hold membership, but it is said that the group holds a number of influencers, socialites, powerful players in business and even celebrities within their ranks. With the caliber of events on the DDW calendar, it’s easy to see why.

Asking DDW’s founder Antoin Commane for a comment, he said simply: “Our membership attracts people at the top of their field, vibrant characters that bring a unique energy to an event”.

All applicants are strictly screened before being accepted into the society, as new members are likely to find themselves rubbing shoulders with some incredibly powerful or influential people – and not everybody makes it in.

If you believe you have what Don’t Die Wondering are looking for, then you may apply via their website. Unfortunately, applications are currently closed and will reopen when there is space available – though, with the decadence and exclusivity offered by a Don’t Die Wondering membership, these potential empty spaces will surely not be around for very long.

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