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Independent Announces Exhibitors For 20th Century Exhibition

For the 2nd edition of the 20th Century Exhibition, Independent New York has announced the names of the 32 exhibitors.

For the most part, the exhibition is following a similar pattern as last year. Like last year, this year’s edition will also be held at the Battery Maritime Building in south Manhattan. The exhibition will run from September 7-10. The fair will feature 32 exhibitors, similar to the 31 exhibitors in last year’s exhibition.

The inaugural 20th Century Exhibition was created by Independent New York to promote art made during the 20th century. Last year, it ran between September 8-11. The exhibition offers both works on sale as well as those on loan from other galleries. Notable names this year include Hauser & Wirth Institute and Vito Schnabel Gallery.

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One of the most interesting aspects of the exhibition is the fact that it will coincide with the Armory Exhibition, which will be held at the same time in New York. The Armory Exhibition is one of the most popular art fairs in the world and has been so for more than two decades. However, while the Armory is a mega-fair of every kind of art, the 20th Century Exhibition focuses only on a certain period. Even last year, the inaugural exhibition also coincided with the Armory Exhibition and managed to see a decent footfall.