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Julian Schnabel Show In Spain Postponed Due To Trucker’s Strike

The transportation issues caused by the ongoing trucker’s strike in Spain has caused a Julian Schnabel show to be postponed.

Julian Schnabel had a show titled “Schnabel and Spain: Anything Can Be a Model” at the Centro de Arte Comporaneo in Málaga, Spain. The show was curated by Fernando Francés as well as Cy, Schnabel’s son. Julian Schnabel was supposed to exhibit 23 of his works at the show, which was scheduled to open on Friday.

A few of the works by Schnabel did manage to arrive on time, despite the trucker’s strike and a sandstorm. The ones that arrived at the museum were hung on the walls, where they still are on display. However, the majority of the works were delayed in transit. Ultimately, Julian Schnabel had to announce the postponement of the event indefinitely. A new date has not yet been announced. Speaking about the future event, Schnabel said: “The paintings are going to look great, and what are you going to do? When the paintings get there, they’ll be on the wall. The space is amazing, and the show is going to be great.”

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The trucker’s strike in Spain started with a group formed by three trucker unions earlier this month. On March 14, the strike officially began in protest of the rising fuel prices. Despite the Spanish government offering aid to the truckers, the group rejected the plan. The grounds of rejection was that the plan would not compensate the truckers for the losses caused so far due to the rise in fuel prices. Economists warn that if stretched longer, the strike could cause food shortages in the country.