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Meet Contemporary Street Artist Seek One

Seek One is the alias of a Contemporary Street Artist originally from Philadelphia, whose works have been collected worldwide. Seek One’s work combines iconic figures, vintage media and street style into one. With a loyal fanbase, he is represented by galleries all over the US including galleries in The Hamptons, Miami, Aspen and New York City. Moving forward he is set to host his first international show in Dubai with the Galloire Gallery during Fall 2021. 


How long have you been an artist?


I’ve been involved in art my whole life but more recently at a professional capacity. I grew up in an urban area (Philadelphia) writing graffiti in the streets. I was also heavily involved in photography. My graffiti tag was Seek One which is why my art today is under the same name, I wanted to keep the authenticity of where my love for art came from. I started Seek One as full time fine artist just 4 years ago. 


A Portrait Of Supermodel Kate Moss By Artist Seek One


How would you describe your work? 


My work is a blend of different mediums. As a self-taught artist, I’ve gone through some non-traditional experimentation to get where I’m at. My works show a wide variety of mediums like vintage magazines & newspapers, acrylics, spray paint, oils and other materials. All are done on custom made wood panels which are made in my studio.


Who are your biggest influences? 

I’m influenced by all artists, both visual and musical.


What is the biggest challenge you have faced as an artist?


I’d say starting out as a new artist was one of the harder parts of my career. Connecting with galleries, figuring out who to work with, developing your own unique style have all been exciting but also challenging hurdles. 

Rob Dugan aka Artist Seek One in the studio


How has your work changed over the years? 


As I experiment with different mediums you can see the difference in my style. Every year there are slight variations in my works as I grow as an artist. 


What projects are you currently working on?


I am currently working on a few new bodies of work for new gallery partnerships in both Greenwich, CT (Hayes Gallery) and Dubai, UAE (Galloire Gallery). 


Additionally, I am working on a collaborative project with Chaddsford Winery where I will be designing the bottle for their 2022 Dry Rosé: Redux. 

Who are some collectors of your work?


My works have been collected by some of today’s top celebrities, influencers & athletes. (Ex. Quavo, Ben Simmons, Johnathan Cheban “Food God”, Kaley Cuoco)

Foodgod With A Custom Piece By Artist Seek One


What has been your greatest accomplishment in art to date?


Every time someone collects a piece of art from me I see it as a great accomplishment. For my work to be on display in people’s homes or businesses is one of greatest feelings. 


Where can people purchase your art? 


You can purchase directly through me, at any of my galleries, or online.