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Meet Influencer, Model & Swimwear Designer Anna Louise  

If you’ve ever perused Anna Louise’s Instagram, there’s approximately a one in five chance you’ve stopped on one of her selfies, dropped your jaw, and thought to yourself, How does she get her skin looking sooo good?! The Elite Model management signed model, influencer and founder of Temptation Swim spoke to us today about the beauty products she cannot live without, life as an influencer, her best advice and more 


What have you learnt as a Fashion Model and Influencer over the years? What advice would you give to your younger self?  


There’s so much I have learned over the years that it’s really hard to know even where to begin!  I would say my biggest lesson is that you have to stay true to yourself, everyone has their own agenda and not even in a malicious way! It’s just that no one can know what you’re capable of as much as you do and they may see a different direction for you that might not be what you want or reaching your full potential.  You have to follow your gut and instincts.  And you absolutely have to go after what you want!   


You have worked with many powerhouse brands over the years including Pretty Little Thing, Fashion Nova, Bang Energy and more. What brands are next on your bucket list? 


My biggest focus right now is developing and promoting my swimwear brand.  I’ve been working on relaunching it with a new collection that I’m very excited about!  Aside from that, I would love to work with more skincare and wellness brands as I’m very passionate about whole body wellness and include it in many ways in my daily life! 


What has been your biggest pinch me moment to date?  


I think my biggest “pinch me” moment was definitely when I hit one million followers! It’s funny because I woke up, opened Instagram, refreshed my page and there was that little “1M” staring back at me.  I remember the days I had 40,000 followers and felt like I would never make it to one million! Now that I’m looking back it feels like the time flew by but back then I had no idea if I would be able to make this my career and was taking a huge leap of faith on myself.  I’m really grateful to have grown this much! 


You have a substantial following of over 1 million Instagram followers. Was there a turning point where your followers started to grow exponentially or was it gradual?  


My biggest turning point was when I went from 60,000 to 300,000 followers in a couple months.  After that I’ve had pretty steady growth with bursts here and there when certain photos or videos go viral.   


Anna Lousie In a Recent Editorial


What 3 tips do you have for an aspiring Instagram Influencer?    

My 3 tips would be:  

-Stay true to your vision and don’t let anyone tell you differently 

-Work with people you trust and can enjoy creating with 

-Don’t let a failure or lack of instant progress make you give up. It takes time! 


What apps do you use to edit your photos?  


My favorite app is Colourtone! 


What Social Media Platforms are you currently on? 


I’m on Instagram (@officialannalouise), YouTube (Anna Louise), & TikTok (@officialanalouise) 


Anna Louise In A Black Lace Bodysuit


What do you think are some top social media trends to watch in 2021?  


It’s really hard to anticipate what social media trends will come around but TikTok and Reels on Instagram are definitely the top performing content right now!  I think people like to see videos because they’re real and personal 


How do you think Instagram has impacted the Fashion Modeling industry?  


Instagram for me made being a model possible to be completely honest.  I was told many times that I was too short to be a model but I decided to put all my time into growing my Instagram to put myself in the industry without an agency.  I love what Instagram has done to the modeling industry and beauty standards in general because it’s much more inclusive! 


What is your current skincare routine?  


My current skincare routine involves a morning and night routine.  In the morning, I wash my face with a gentle cleanser, use a witch hazel toner, vitamin C serum, vitamin C eye cream, vitamin C moisturizer, and then finish with sunscreen drops!  In the evening, I wash my face with a foaming scrub, spray with witch hazel toner, anti-aging serum, anti-aging eye cream, and then a soothing face oil & heavy lip balm.   


What 3 products can you not live without?  


My 3 products I can’t go a day without are: 

Aim Hi Everyday Soothing Face Oil 

Aim Hi Everyday After Beach Hair Mist 

Image Skincare Ormedic Balancing Lip Enhancement Complex 


You can keep up with Anna Louise on Instagram