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Moda Minx Philosophy: Make Women Better Versions of Themselves

Is there a more inspiring, more spirit-lifting kind of clothes than beachwear? The minimalistic costume is there with us when we are in our best mood—basking in the sun, leisurely taking in the vital vitamin D, or gloriously parading in front of secretly—or openly— observing and appreciating eyes. That barebones attire needs to be in full harmony with a woman’s body, and soul for that matter. Yet, swimsuit shopping is tricky and may end up in frustration, and even a ruined vacation,  unless you choose the right style, or the right brand that will navigate you through the myriad of styles and cuts to the one that fits you like a glove.

With Moda Minx you no longer need to shop elsewhere.  The go-to women’s beach and swimwear brand is headquartered in the UK. Founded in 2015 in Essex as a small family business, the brand evolved over the last five years to become one of the top five swimwear brands retailed via ASOS giant online platform. They are known for their stylish prints, unparalleled quality, ingenious design that includes gemstone details, and sexy silhouettes, all at prices that won’t ruin your holiday budget.

With a Moda Monx’s bikini or a swimsuit, you will naturally put your best foot forward and stand out from the beach crowd. The assortment of leisurely sarongs, elegant headbands, and laid-back beach pants will take care of the rest of your beachwear needs with grace and attention to your taste. Moda Minx is making that swimsuit-season stress go away. In tune with its mission of becoming the go-to global swimwear brand, Moda Minx relies on its stunning brand ambassadors and influencers to propel the brand’s visibility to record heights thanks to its million-strong social media following.  To keep up with the latest trends, Moda Minx designers never stop working creatively to enhance the brand’s uniqueness and visibility: they meticulously study and keep track of the fashion industry’s latest developments.

Despite the unfortunate COVID-induced stay-at-home mode, women still want to look their best at home. Last year Moda Minx launched loungewear and pajama lines that sport comfortable velour and sleepwear collection to meet that specific demand.  Loungewear has no less fun and sex appeal than its beachwear and is tempting at irresistible prices. Moda Minx truly carries a social mission by giving women self-confidence and boosting self-esteem both on the beach and at the comfort of their homes. 

On top of beach and loungewear, Moda Minx is getting ready to introduce its eveningwear line later in April. Given their track record, there is every reason to expect a triumphant debut. To stay up-to-date with the brand’s latest news,  visit their website or follow them on Instagram.