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Meet Mike Chelsen, the upcoming Pop Star making noise on the Internet

Age doesn’t stop the Bold. Perhaps this is the philosophy of Mike Chelsen, the 16-year singer who is all set to become the next pop sensation. Individuality is what Chelsen considers his strongest card. After all, how many 16 years old know precisely where they want their life to go? But Mike knows that becoming a pop star is his destination. Looking at him, you can’t help but agree with his assessment. A vivacious style and flamboyant attitude to match it, Chelsen already looks ready to become a heartthrob.

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The future pop sensation is in the news recently due to his latest single “Star Light”. Streaming on Spotify, “Star Light” has already turned many heads. Despite his external flamboyance, Chelsen’s music hits another level of depth when you listen to it. “Star Light” allows Chelsen to showcase the strength of his voice as he sings a sad melody that brings pain right into your ear pods. For someone not legally considered mature enough to vote for the next President, Chelsen exhibits a maturity in his music rarely found among teenagers.

But one look at his Instagram profile takes you out of this melancholic trance with a jerk. Mike Chelsen thrives in colour, and his social media profiles are a testament to that. His bold style choices are a part of his life philosophy – to live life without any shackles. Mike, who is still of highschool age, dares to wear his identity on his life in a way even veteran pop stars fumble and stumble. For instance, a dress adorned with CDs (which Mike, understandably, considers retro artefacts)? It takes guts to wear it and look as handsome as he does. Chelsen believes in the philosophy of “live and let live”, and he applies that to everyone and every choice. In his own words: “Being Homophobic is so 2019. It’s now 2020. The new thing is accepting people.”

Mike Chelsen might only be starting out, but he started strong. With 32k followers on Instagram and 73k followers on TikTok, Chelsen already has a solid social media presence. In fact, he has many fan pages too (something the teen singer is still surprised about). But looking at his personality, talent, and attitude, one could say it for sure: Mike Chelsen is a name you would not hear for the last time.