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Italian composer Gianluca Gallo is back with “Susanna”, his charming EDM Euro Pop single

The world is going through a horrific phase due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic and six months of 2020 have nothing but instilled fear and anxiety among people. But there are still some independent creators and artists around the world who are doing their best to keep their listener’s mind in the right shape. One of the most groovy artists is Gianluca Gallo, an Italian musician, composer, and music enthusiast who just released his well-crafted single called “Susanna” that has already become an instant 2020 summer hit in the country and elsewhere.

The single title is a perfect blend of an orchestral score with disco, lounge, and Eurodance that together create a groovy number which is contagious and would swoop your feet off the ground so put on your best dancing outfit and dance to this hit and charming number. About the screenplay, it is an animated score showing a boy and a girl meeting at a nightclub or say it is more of a current dating culture that millennials are familiar with. The animation is done nicely in a comical approach that makes you happy and let go of your worries for some time.

As the song progresses in a groovy tune adding both retro beats catering to the 21st-century audience. The boy and the girl jam on the dance floor while the song plays in the background with a soulful melody that switches between male and female voices back and forth. It is interesting how the animated video shows the characters dancing on a beach with bitmoji-styled background dancers joining the jam followed by a sweet proposal amidst a bright night sky with stars shimmering in the sky with one or two shooting stars enlightening the scene.

The song is a piece of meticulously stitched together art of work with everything you need from reverb to vocals switching between different voices and an enigmatic animated screenplay woven in 3.21 minutes long video is truly magnificent. Susanna is available on both Apple Music and Spotify and has already received its place in Italy’s top 100 songs music chart or you can watch the fun-loving video on YouTube.

Gianluca Gallo is an Italian born in 1974 in Agrigento, Sicily, Italy. He started honing guitar mastering his skills at the age of 12 followed by entering the Music Conservatory of Palermo and he formed his first band at 16. Gianluca has given several hits since then including bigwigs like “Un tuffo al Mare” in 2001 and “ÈTardi Arrivederci” in 2007 that was featured in over 400 national radio stations and counting.

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