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Meet Olivia Pascale & Jessica Martin Of The Water & Whiskey Podcast

Olivia Pascale & Jessica Martin are the founders of the Water & Whiskey Podcast. Pascale & Martin are two Miami based podcast hosts regarded by their listeners as two young powerhouse women shedding the light on female entrepreneurship and women in business. Celebrated for their willingness to share transparent yet contrasting views on the struggles, journeys and triumphs of being a girl boss, Pascale & Martin have accumulated a large cult following on their podcast that just entered it’s eleventh season. Today Art Insider interviewed the pair exclusively… 


What have you learned from launching The Water & Whiskey Podcast? 

We’ve had the honor of having incredibly brilliant guests on W&W. We’ve learned everything from the true meaning of blood, sweat, and tears to step-by-step manifestos on how to build a successful, impactful business. 


What advice would you give to your younger selves?   

The advice we’d give our younger selves is something we frequently share on the podcast which is: “no losses, only lessons”. With this mindset, failure isn’t an option. Failure is merely a lesson, a valuable tool ready to be manufactured into a stepping stone to your success. 


Olivia Pascale & Jessica Martin Of The Water & Whiskey Podcast


You have had great guests on the podcast including Emily Didonato, Elle Leonard, Sarah Akiba and more. Who would you love to interview next and why?  

While we have a long list of dream guests, a few that stick out to us are Marianna Hewett, founder of Summer Fridays, and Sivan Ayla Richards, founder of Lux Unfiltered and Shop Tanlines. Both of these women have inspired us for much of our careers and have helped us realize our true potential as women entrepreneurs. 


Who has been your favourite guest to date and why?
 This is an impossible question! All of our guests truly bring such unique, inspiring, and surprising stories to the W&W table. 


The Duo Recommend Focusing On High Quality Audio For Any Aspiring Podcaster


You have a substantial listening of Whiskey & Water. Was there a turning point where your listeners started to grow exponentially or was it gradual?    

Our audience absolutely grew gradually, and still does to this day. There was never a point where we had a large growth spurt, but rather through word of mouth we got more and more loyal listeners each week. 


What 3 tips do you have for an aspiring Podcaster?   

  1. Make sure you’re speaking about something you’re passionate about
  2. Keep it sustainable
  3. Good sound quality should be your #1 priority!


What Social Media Platforms are you currently both on?  

Personally, we are on Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, and LinkedIn. The podcast can be found on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, YouTube, Instagram and Tiktok. 


Olivia Pascale & Jessica Martin Editing A Recent Podcast

What podcast episodes do you have coming up?   

We are currently doing a Solo Season- our first time doing a full season without guests since the first season of the podcast. We’re super excited to get vulnerable, transparent and real with our audience and talk about the highs and lows of being female entrepreneurs and scaling multiple businesses at once. 


The Pair Both Started Out As Social Media Influencers. Gradually They Expanded Their Personal Brands Including The Formation Of The Water & Whiskey Podcast

How do you think Podcasts have impacted traditional media?   

Podcasts have become a vessel for truly absorbing media while multitasking, which is why they’re perfect for anyone who’s living a always-on-the-go lifestyle but still wants to work on their personal development, be entertained, or learn more about a specific field. 


You can listed to the Water & Whiskey Podcast on Apple here