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Michigan Museum of Horror to open at Irish Hills

If you love horror and spookiness, then get ready to head towards the Irish Hills. The new museum, called the Michigan Museum of Horror, will be completely filled with skeletons and eerie displays. Nate Thompson, a filmmaker in the Irish Hills, will inaugurate it sometime later this year.

The Michigan Museum of Horror will house the world’s largest coffin. In addition, there’s an exhibit on the history of dolls like Raggedy Ann dolls, porcelain dolls, and voodoo dolls. What’s more, there will be displays with shows focusing on witches. Added to that eeriness, the display show will include real skulls and bones.

He has plans to transform Irish Hills into a horror town attraction. It will host a haunted house, a haunted theater, and a collectibles store exclusively for everything that’s horror themed. This will definitely cater to the lovers of horror movies. Nate Thompson’s idea for Horror Town and the Michigan Museum of Horror sprung from visiting Stagecoach a while back.

In his Instagram post, Nate Thompson reveals his agreement to build a horror town in the Irish Hills. The multi-property lease is for three years, which will provide the local community and tourists with a town of horror. He says that the new museum and many other displays are currently under construction.

In an interview with Fox 2, Nate talked about his inclusion of the Halloween theme in HorrorTown. The stores will have Halloween-themed masks lined up in the windows so that people can enjoy the Halloween spirit all year round. He says that this will also enhance the feeling of horror.

This new museum is a part of the HorrorTown, located inside the Stagecoach Shop. The Stagecoach Shop was opened in 1965, but its popularity waned over time. However, it offered displays with western themes and still has an old wedding chapel, pool, amphitheater, and a Western theme lodge.