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National Art Gallery of Bahamas extends relief after the Hurricane Dorian

You must have heard about the Hurricane Dorian which affected most of the parts of Bahamas. This hurricane was a very severe one as it was a category 5 storm and it hit the Bahamas extremely hard last week. We have seen footage of absolute devastation in various parts of the Bahamas. There have been widespread relief efforts now that the Hurricane has passed the Bahamas. Also, Art Industry in the Bahamas is also affected by the Hurricane Dorian because the National Art Gallery of Bahamas has also suffered damage due to the Hurricane.

Having said that, the National Art Gallery says that even though the gallery itself has suffered damage, they are looking at the people who are really in need. The executive director of the museum, Amanda Coulson, said that “We’re dealing with people first,” “The whole country is traumatized.”

Coulson added that “We’ve always seen ourselves as a place for social change and a place for the community to come together and grapple with difficult ideas and topics,” “Now more than ever we’re trying to get people in here in a way that’s different.”

“There’s mould growing on some of the artworks, and that has to be seen to,” said Coulson regarding the damage that was caused to National Art Gallery of Bahamas due to Hurricane Dorian. She said that the 200-year-old limestone building of the museum has sustained leaks and it will have to be retrofitted to withstand increasingly extreme storms. She said “We don’t have any professional conservators on the island so we have to bring people in,”