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New York Botonical Garden will be filled by Infinity Room, ‘Dancing Pumpkin’ and more by Yayoi Kusama

Yayoi Kusama, one of the prominent names in the Art Industry, is back with her new exhibition. This new show is titled as the “Cosmic Nature” and the New York Botanical Garden in the Bronx has revealed details about Yayoi’s new exhibition. This show will be held next spring in the institution’s 250 acres land as revealed by the institute itself. It is also known that the show is based on the artist’s longstanding exploration of nature and we will also see her going back to the childhood she spent in Japan. Kusama’s parents owned a flower nursery and we will definitely see the effect of that in her show.

In this show, it is revealed that we will see Kusama’s seven-decade long career’s work which includes the sketches of flowers she made at the age of 16 to the fabricated new pieces for this survey. There will also be a polka-dotted sculpture of flowers, paintings and installations at the deck of Botanical Garden. Yayoi Kusama’s famous “Infinity Mirror Rooms” will also be seen at the show along with a greenhouse-themed “Obliteration Room”. At this show, visitors will be asked to cover the entire space with floral stickers specially designed for the show.

Karen Daubmann, associate vice president of the NYBG said that “The more we researched her, the more we got excited about these stories we could tell here at the garden,”. He added that “We’re writing a story about Kusama that most people don’t know.” There will also be a 16-foot-tall work from Kusama installed outdoors during the show and Daubmann calls this as “a cross between a spider and a pumpkin.”