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Pace Gallery opens its doors to the new eight-storey flagship building in New York

We had reported a while before regarding Pace Gallery’s plans to move into a new building situated in New York. Now, it has been announced that Pace Gallery is officially opening its doors to the eight-storeyed building. Also, we have been told that the building has been approved by Shaman. Although this building was opened for the press preview, we are sure that it will not take long before the Pace Gallery moves to this location.

Pace Gallery has also announced that it will be Saturday when the doors of this building open for public. Just a few finishing touches are left inside the building while the exhibitions can already be seen hung on the walls. Marc Glimcher, CEO and President of the Pace Gallery, said to the press gathered that “As you can see, we are done with the building—kind of,”

On the seventh floor, this remark was made with views of old-fashioned water towers and Hudson Yards rising up behind. Revealing the plans, Marc said that seventh floor will be home to performance programming for Pace Live. Pace Live is a new initiative from Pace Gallery and the schedule for the season was revealed at the press preview.

According to ARTnews, a Shaman visited the building and has blessed the space in a ritual for employees. In this ceremony, it has been learned that there was a cacao ceremony in which there was involvement of drinking bowls of bitter hot chocolate with special energy-giving properties.

“Have you ever had ceremonial cacao? I was, like, on—you feel it! Everybody said blessings to the building and to each other.” Glimcher said while adding that Shamanic activities are still going on and that “She’s still working—she’s in the boiler room right now,”