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Art Basel to launch a three-day event in Abu Dhabi next year ‘that doesn’t exist elsewhere’

We have seen many art exhibitions and event around the world that take place every year. However, all of them look mostly the same but Art Basel has announced a new event which will be very unique. They claim that this three-day event to be held in Abu Dhabi will give you ‘an experience that doesn’t exist elsewhere’. ARTnews calls this as a “nearly-impossible-to-define three-day event—Art Basel Inside”.  This event will be launched by Art Basel next year in Abu Dhabi. This event is scheduled to take place between February 14-16 and will be curated by Marc-Olivier Wahler.

Talking about the event to ARTnews, Marc-Olivier said that “[It’s] not in an art fair, not in a museum, and also not really a summit,” “It all started with this idea for offering to art lovers a kind of experience that doesn’t exist elsewhere.” Wahler claims that a “highly immersive” experience will be created when this event takes place. Coincidentally or not, this event also overlaps with the 2020 edition of Frieze Los Angeles art fair.

When Wahler was asked about specific details regarding this event, he said that the event will be focused on “feeling involved in the elements,” and added that “This is in the desert, but you can walk underwater and listen to poetry.” This is why ARTnews said that the event is impossible to describe at the moment. Because Art Basel is not giving any specific details about its event.

Art Basel’s global director Marc Spiegler said in a statement that “In today’s world it is vital that those in the art world not only speak to each other about the art world but rather discuss with a wider range of thinkers a broader range of topics.”