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PACE Gallery shuffles leaderships after complaints against work culture

After an investigative report last November that accused PACE leadership of being ‘toxic’, the gallery has finally announced a new leadership structure.

The new leadership, introduced with a photo, were all part of the existing staff at PACE. Joe Baptista and Samanthe Rubell will jointly lead the global sales team of the gallery. Baptista was earlier the vice-president of the gallery, while Rubell was the senior director. Danielle Forest, who was the executive assistant to the CEO, will not be the chief-of-staff at PACE. Amelia Redgrift, a senior director at the communications department, will now be the chief communications and marketing officer at the gallery.

The new leadership at PACE

In a statement, PACE president-CEO Marc Glimcher said that it was his ‘privilege and responsibility to bring this change. He said that they strive to make the gallery a place where employees feel respected, empowered as well as challenged, responsible.

The Artnet investigation involved statements from eight PACE employees who called the environment at the gallery ‘toxic’. They particularly highlighted the short-temper of Douglas Baxter. Baxter took a leave of absence after the report. In his message regarding his leave of absence, Baxter had acknowledged his behaviour causing ‘distress’ to people around him but didn’t directly respond to the accusations. The gallery said that Baxter is ‘no longer employed by them. The report also had accusations against Susan Dunne, who has since ‘left her post’ as per the gallery.

The report also highlighted some complaints against Lilleth Glimcher, son of Marc Glimcher, who was leading the diversity and equity project at the gallery. In his statement, Marc also announced that Jumoke McDuffie-Thurmond is now leading the team along with two external consultants. A PACe spokesperson later said that Lilleth was only part of the team on a temporary basis.