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SkoolDaGoon embarks on the path of most resistance in 2021

Consider the possibility that the person who sparked your dreams died before they were realized. Imagine watching your grandma take her last breaths and kissing her on the forehead as she passes away. Imagine being imprisoned and facing the real possibility of never having another chance in life, followed by the death of another near blood relative.

They say God never gives you more than you can handle, but the suffering we experience in life can often test us in unexpected ways. Arnez Reid’s life story is not for the faint of heart, and it confounds the minds of ordinary people. Economic struggle, drug-infested street corners, a dysfunctional father figure, mother’s love, street dreams, and love of Hip-Hop were all part of Arnez Reid’s childhood.

During his youth, Arnez developed a passion for hip-hop and blues music. He was surrounded by cousins and neighbors who helped him light the musical fire inside him. The final light of hope glowed during his high school years at Steelton Highspire, and his path of destiny was unveiled. Arnez realized it was time to “Double Up” and transfer all of his chips to the middle of the

poker table. His body was momentarily imprisoned by the claws of incarceration, but his spirit and soul were never compromised.

Arnez avoided a major life bullet since his release from prison and has never looked back. Kitchen Talk Music Group was founded in 2017, and it consisted of a record label, publishing company, global merchandising, and film/TV production.

The hard-hitting street anthem “What U Made 4” was the first commercial music release from the “Kitchen Talk Music” Group in 2019. Every street soldier loves to hear and aspires to be a hustler, and “What U Made 4” embodies that. Mainstream DJs, Hip-Hop heavyweights, and club promoters quickly noticed “What U Made 4.” The song was an instant hit with Instagram users, and it hasn’t slowed down since then. Between Spotify and Apple Music, “What U Made 4” attracts tens of thousands of monthly listeners.

All of Arnez Reid’s tragic events resulted in roadblocks, burned bridges, incarceration, fear of God, and now imminent greatness. ArnezReid, aka SKOOLDAGOON, used Animal Ambition to turn his incarcerated dreams into reality, thanks to his relentless human inner drive. SkoolDaGoon is a Global Advocate of RADIOPUSHERS and RESULTSANDNOHYPE. Dreamlab Global manages all SkoolDaGoon’s business affairs.