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Painter Sam Gilliam is now represented by Pace Gallery

We have new reports of an artist officially being represented by a gallery. This time, the renowned artist and painter Sam Gilliam has been added to the representation list by Pace Gallery. You might already be aware that Pace Gallery has spaces in New York, London, Geneva, Palo Alto, Hong Kong, and Seoul. It is also confirmed that Painter Sam Gilliam will remain represented by Los Angeles’ David Kordansky gallery.

Talking about Sam Gilliam, you should take note that the artist rose to fame in the 1960s and has been the most closely watched painter ever since that time. Sam is famously known for paintings which put the third dimension into perspective. We often see his paintings having elements that are hanging from the wall and are left unstretched to become sculptural.

Gilliam’s paintings, including the “Drape” series, are also shown as part of the travelling exhibitions “Soul of A Nation: Art in The Age of Black Power”. Pace Gallery also made an announcement regarding Sam Gilliam’s addition to its list of artists represented by them. In a statement, Pace Gallery’s founder Arne Glimcher said:

“Sam Gilliam has been a radical and influential artist since his works first appeared on the scene in the mid-’60s. Inventing the path by which the canvas was freed of its support, he transformed the possibilities of picture making internationally.”

It should also be noted that Sam Gilliam became the first African-American to have represented the United States of America at the Venice Biennial back in 1972. In an interview given back in January 1973 to ARTnews, 85-year-old Sam Gilliam said that “Being black is a very important point of tension and self-discovery. To have a sense of self-acceptance we blacks have to throw off this dichotomy that has been forced on us by the white experience.”