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Postmasters Gallery is looking to open its first Permanent Space in Rome

We have known that the Postmaster’s Gallery in New York is located in the Tribeca region of the city. However, there is no presence of Postmasters Gallery outside of the country. But that may soon change as Postmasters Gallery is looking to open its first international space in Rome this month.

Also, Postmasters Gallery’s permanent space in Rome is located near the Colosseum. It will be headed by Paulina Bebecka who is the director-at-large in Europe and the outpost will open on June 20. Also, there will be an exhibition at the opening with haiku paintings by Rafaël Rozendaal

Co-founder of Postmasters, Magda Sawon told ARTnews that the enterprise has functioned as a “nomadic gallery” from the last two years in Rome and has staged pop-up exhibitions on three different locations. Along with Rome-based Orange Garden gallery, Postmasters organized a show titled “Role Play” at the place which will now be PostmastersROMA’s permanent home which is situated at Via G. Mario Crescimbeni, 11.

Sawon also said that “It doesn’t follow obvious patterns of where galleries open branches,” on their expansion to Rome. However, he adds that “we have this very firm belief that the city has vitality and that it also needs to be vitalized by a gallery like ours, which is super-contemporary. It’s a bit of an intervention, but we have great hopes.”

However, it is also seen that Postmasters Gallery in New York has started a Patreon page where the Gallery is asking for crowdfunding to pledge a certain amount.

On this Patreon page from Postmasters Gallery, Magdalena Sawon said that “Because of our program and our DNA, we are one of those galleries that are negatively affected by current market conditions. Clearly, we need more support than I can generate via sales alone.” The gallery has secured 57 patrons as of now but has set a goal of 2000 patrons.

The news was first covered by ArtNews following the press release.