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Venice Biennale Artists filled booths at the Art Basel

As the schedule of Venice Biennale was changed a few years back, the days when we used to move from Italy to Switzerland are gone. But still, the two venues have a close connection when it comes to the art that is on view. We have some news as per the source.

This is totally the case this year as Ralph Rugoff’s edition of Venice Bienalle was filled with closely watched eyes and names. As Jason Faragon from the New York Times aptly termed it as “the artistic equivalent of Top of the Pops”.

There is no doubt to anyone that Biennale-affiliated artists were in high numbers at the Art Basel which was opened to selected guests on Tuesday for its opening day. On booths for 47 Canal and Gladstone, we have works by Anicka Yi on offer along with one of algae lanterns which she showed in Venice. This offering also include Antoine Catala from the Central Pavilion section of Rugoff’s show.

The Biennale’s top prize winner, the Golden Lion, for his video The White Album, Arthur Jafa is also showing his new work with Gavin Brown’s Enterprise. It is in form of a cut-out sculpture of black Hulk and wall piece titled Bloods which also pairs photos of Miles Davis and Robert Jonhson early in their careers.

There are several Biennale artists who have more than one place in Art Basel such as works by Christian Marclay which are in Frankel in San Francisco, Paula Cooper Gallery in New York and White Cube in London as well as Hong Kong. Then there is Julie Mehretu which is also on show at Marian Goodman in New York, Pairs and London.

We also have Carlier Gebauer whose works include a taxidermy flamingo as well as the painting of bare breast, having a number of pieces in Venice, Laure Prouvost. In Art Basel, artists who have taken a tough political edge are also finding buyers including names like Lawrence Abu Hamdan.