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Prominent Brooklyn gallery Koenig & Clinton shuts its doors

The illustrious Koenig & Clinton Gallery in Brooklyn, which has been serving as a platform for new artists for a few years now, has shuttered its doors.

In a statement issued by the gallery on Tuesday, it was announced that its founders, Leo Koenig and Margaret Liu Clinton, mutually decided to go their separate ways for their individual pursuits. However, the statements also said how grateful they were to all the people involved with the gallery that made the artworks easily accessible to the public.

The gallery was first opened in Chelsea in 2013. It was a continuation of Koenig’s previous gallery which was established in 1999. In 2017, the duo decided to move the gallery from Chelsea to Brooklyn. Koenig & Clinton eventually became one of the prominent galleries in the New York region. It showcased solo outings of artists like Brandon Lattu, Maria Hassabi, Javier Téllez and Olivier Mosset – among many others.

However, Keonig & Clinton isn’t the only gallery in Brooklyn that was shuttered recently. Real Fine Arts and Signal, two galleries that helped make the area an art hub, closed down in 2018. The phenomenon doesn’t seem restricted to New York alone; Shane Campbell Gallery in Chicago and Richard Telles Fine Art in Los Angeles too shuttered down. However, most of the galleries have cited reasons like increased rents and competition from international exhibitions for closing down. Koening & Clinton, on the other hand, have simply decided to pursue individual passions. 

While it is not clear what new projects Clinton would pursue, Koenig would continue to operate Century Pictures in the Koenig & Clinton’s Bushwick building.