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Prominent Russian Museum Director Arrested For Criticizing War in Ukraine

Russian museum director Yevgeny Roizman was the latest to be arrested for speaking against Russia’s war in Ukraine.

Roizman is well-known as the founder and director of the Nevyansk Icon Museum in Yekaterinburg. He is also a former mayor of the city, as well as a parliament member. His immense popularity in Yekaterinburg had avoided action against him so far, despite his strong opposition to the Ukraine war.

As per the report, Roizman was arrested for calling Russia’s actions in Ukraine a “war” and “invasion”. According to the latest censorship laws in Russia, any words except “special military action” regarding Ukraine are criminal offenses. However, Roizman’s arrest could cause a massive upheaval in the region, especially considering the upcoming elections there. Already, there have been massive protests since the news of Roizman’s arrest first broke.

Outside Russia, the news of Roizman’s arrest spread after a video, first posted on Telegram, went viral. In the video, a squad of police in heavy gear could be seen knocking outside Roizman’s door. After he opens the door, the squad enters his apartment and the video is abruptly cut. However, many other videos soon popped up which showed Roizman being escorted out of his house by the police.

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The arrest of Roizman has been considered the latest (and according to some, the last) assault on the critics of Russia’s war on Ukraine. Since the war began in February this year, hundreds of Russians who were critical of Putin’s actions have been arrested or detained – many without any trial.