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Rebecca Wei believed to be an expert on Chinese market resigns as Christie’s Chairman for Asia

We have shared a lot of news and reports recently about people getting promoted to a new role inside art houses and museums. However, we have news of someone tendering resignation from a leadership position. This someone is none other than Rebecca Wei, an expert in the field of the Chinese art market. The interesting part about Rebecca Wei’s resignation is that she is quitting this role just 8 months after her promotion.

The news about Rebecca Wei’s resignation was shared on Instagram with a caption: “And my last bid and bought at Christie’s #picasso #london #2019 #june #timetosaygoodbye to #christies.”. This comes after she made a modern and Impressionist sale of the late Picasso. It was back in 2012 that Rebecca joined the Christie’s which is now a 250-year old auction house.

In December 2018, she was elevated to the position of Chairman for Asia at the Christie’s. Although this resignation from Rebecca came as a surprise for everyone, insiders believed that her promotion was not a great fit. The only reason being that this role moved her away from the involvement with sales and clients which she is has an expertise in.

One possible explanation of her resignation could be because of the 18% slump registered in Christie’s in the Hong Kong markets. Christie’s registered a $399 Million business in the Spring of 2018 whereas this declined to $327 Million in the Spring of 2019. Having said that, Christie’s arch-rival Sotheby’s reported a slight increase in sales results in Hong Kong. This, many believe, is the reason why she tendered her resignation from this position.

In a statement, she said, “I am immensely proud of the growth that has been achieved during my time with Christie’s, in regional sales as well as Asian contribution to Christie’s global revenue.” She added, “We are well-positioned to further expand and serve collectors in the region in the years ahead.”