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Veteran of Pace Gallery and Paul Kasmin, Monica King, is opening her new gallery

We know that Monica Gallery has worked for the Pace Gallery as well as Paul Kasmin for several years. She has also become the veteran but has now decided to join the ever-growing number of dealers. She is looking to target Tribeca with a new gallery which will be called the Monica King contemporary.

The first New York solo show for the multimedia and performance artist April Marten will also become the inaugural show for Monica King Contemporary. At the moment, we also know that this show has been titled “Frances Wasn’t a Saint,”. Apart from that, the show will open on September 6 and will run through October 12.

Monica King says that “It’s long been my intention to open a gallery space that encourages collectors from all walks of life to approach art with an unmistakable sense of curiosity, My vision celebrates the vital contribution that contemporary art brings to our collective society and to each of our individual souls.”

Monica also reveals her plans to present a broadly interdisciplinary program of 17 international emerging and established artists with an artist-centric approach. Talking about the location of her new gallery, Monica said: “I believed that the neighbourhood had the combination of being cutting edge and vibrant in a way that only downtown New York City can be, while also having an abundance of elegantly cultured and creatively curious residents calling it home.”

This is in regards to her decision to open the new gallery in Tribeca. One of the reasons many new galleries have been opened in Tribeca is because of reasonable rents and large spaces in historic buildings. Also, Tribeca is also outside of Chelsea’s flood zone, which was hit hard during Hurricane Sandy in 2012 which might be an even bigger factor in this decision. Apart from Monica King, Kamin veteran Clara Ha opened a new space on Franklin Street very recently.