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Remainings of 2700 years old city found in Jerusalem

Archaeologists have recently discovered the mission section of the original Iron Age fortification of Jerusalem. The origin of this old city section dates back to 2700 years ago. Most of the sections of the wall would have been destroyed during the invasion of Babylon in 586 BCE. The Israel Antiquities Authority has come up with the announcement of this discovery this week.

There is a segment of a wall on the eastern slope of the City of David National Park. It dates back to the First Temple period, around the 8th century, discovered last week. Dr. Joe Uziel and Ortaf Kalaf of IAA and Dr. Filip Vukosavovica of Ancient Jerusalem Research Center have taken part in the excavation.

This segment of the wall is one of the only remains that has survived a deadly military campaign of the Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon. He had sacked the city and destroyed all the famous Temple Mount.

A video that IAA has published explains the finding of Dr. Uziel. He said, “The Babylonians arrived here in 586 B.C.E. and destroyed the city of Jerusalem and the First Temple,” adding that “they did not destroy this segment of the wall, which remains standing until today, waiting for archaeologists to come and expose it.”

Now they can reconstruct the 200 meters of the city wall. The eastern slopes of the City of David with Jerusalem surround it. The team has also uncovered the remaining partial building just inside the wall of the old city.

The artifacts have been retrieved during the excavation of the building that includes a clay seal, a bulla. It says “Stefan” in Ancient Hebrew. Also, there is a Babylonian stamp seal that depicts a figure of the Mesopotamian gods Nabu and Marduk.

Marduk used to be one of the most important gods in the Babylonian pantheon. Nebu was his son, the god of writing and wisdom. They have also discovered the broken storage jars. The handles of the jars bear the variety of the stamp design. The designs include “Lamelech”. Also, there are other designs or a pattern or the concentric circles or the rosettes. It is not so clear how the storage jars and the seals arrived at this place.