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UNESCO World Heritage Sites gets added with Great Spa Towns, Centuries-Old Rock Inscriptions

On Sunday, UNESCO unveiled a new addition to the World Heritage list. It includes the historic Paseo del Prado boulevard and the Retiro Part of Madrid. Also, it includes the sites in Saudi Arabia, India, and China.

To qualify as a site to become a historian, natural beauty and architectural ingenuity gets considered. These spaces are historic places for a variety of reasons.

The 16th century Paseo del Prado boulevard has its location in the center of Madrid. It is the home to the Prado Museum, which is one of the most visited cultural institutions in the world.

In a statement, UNESCO has said that the boulevard and the Regio Park “illustrate the aspiration for a utopian society during the height of the Spanish Empire.”

The mayor of Madrid, José Luis Martínez-Almeida, has said in a statement that this move is very significant during this pandemic. In a city that has suffered enormously for the past 15 months, they have the reason to celebrate with the first world heritage site in the capital of Spain.

The Committee has also added that the Great Spa Towns of Europe, which includes 11 towns, have been located across the 7 European countries. Each of the towns is around the natural water springs. These towns bear witness to the international European spa culture. It had developed from the early 18th century to the 1930s. It is also leading to the emergence of grand international resorts.

The town includes the Baden Bei Wien in Australia, Lazne in the Czech Republic, Frantiskovy. Spa in Belgium and Vichy in France.

France’s Lighthouse of Cordouan is a monumental white limestone structure. It was built at the turn of the 16th and the 17th centuries. It is representative of the maritime architectural tradition of the nation. Also, it adds to the list along with the Darmstadt Artists’ Colony on the Mathildenhohe in Germany. It has been a center for the emergence of the performing movements in crafts, architecture, and arts.

The Hima Cultural Area of southwest Saudi Arabia contains a collection of rock interceptions. Also, it includes the petroglyphs spanning, which is lasting for 3000 years. It was on the list on Sunday.

The list also includes the Kakatiya Rudreshwar Temple of India, Maritime Silk Road port city Quanzhou of China. The addition of Quanzhou means that China is the home to at least 56 World Heritage sites. UNESCO is about to continue with the addition of the new World Heritage sites through July 28.