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Reports suggest Yana Peel, Serpentine Galleries Chief Executive, co-owns company accused of spying dissidents

We know that Yana Reel is the Chief Executive of Serpentine Galleries. However, she is also the co-owner of various companies as she is an investor too. Now, you would be surprised to know that Lana Reel is also linked with Isreali firm NSO Group which is accused of WhatsApp spyware used to inject malicious codes in user’ smartphones. Apparently, Yana Reel co-owns NSO Group according to a report by The Guardian.

One of the most notable human rights activists against the NSO Group is Amnesty International. WhatsApp has already complained against the Israeli firm that they have injected malicious code through WhatsApp video calls on smartphones which is a human rights violation. Also, Amnesty International has accused NSO Group that they are using a spyware called Pegasus.

This software, according to them, is used to target and spy against the dissidents in Saudi Arabia by NSO Group. The human rights group also accuses NSO Group of having links with the Saudi Arabian government to spy on neighbours of the country.

NSO Group also said in May that they would investigate “credible allegations of misuse.” In the United Kingdom, Peel is known to be an advocate of activist-oriented art by figures such as Ai Weiwei. Peel has also previously stated that Serpentine should be seen as a “safe space for unsafe ideas.”

Serpentine Galleries says that the article was “under legal challenge” and they mentioned that the museum could not comment right now. In recent months, artists have discussed the alleged connection between Serpentine Galleries and the Sackler family. Sackler family is also under the scanner, apparently, for its business dealings.

Also, Hito Steyerl called the Serpentine Galleries to address their ties with the Sackler family at an exhibition at Serpentine Sackler Gallery. Even when Hito Steyerl is accused of inciting opioid crisis through his pharmaceutical company, Purdue Pharma.