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Xinyi Cheng and Giulia Cenci win Art Basel’s Baloise Art Prize

Art Basel is now open to the public which was intially unveiled last week but only open to close visitors and invited guests. Now that the Art Basel is open to public, the exhibition has also announced names of the winners of its Baloise Art Prize. Xinyi Cheng and Giulia Cenci are the winners of this year’s Baloise Art Prize for the Art Basel. Also, both of the winners have their art on exhibition at the Art Basel. Lu Yang is also announced as the winner of BMW Art Journey Award.

Prize money of CHF 30,000 will be awarded to Xinyi Cheng and Giulia Cenci who have been selected as winners of this prestigious Art Prize. This prize will be awarded by Baloise who is the main sponsor and an insurance holding company based out of Switzerland.

Baloise will donate the art works by the winning artists to National Galerie-Staatliche Museen zu Berlin and the Grand Duke Jean Museum of Modern Art which is situated in Luxembourg. Giulia Cenci is based in Amsterdam and she is known for her sculptures and immersive installations whereas Xinyi Cheng is known for her paintings who is based in Paris.

The winning prize money was given to the work on display at the Art Basel in the “Statements” section. Balice Hertling from Paris and Spazio A from Italy brought the art works of Cheng and Cenci to the Art Basel respectively. Marie-Noëlle Farcy who is the curator and head of collection at MUDAM is included in the panel which chose the winners of Art Basel’s Baloise Art Prize.

The other prominent members in the Jury panel included names such as Gabriele Knapstein, Harald Falckenberg, Lionel Bovier and Martin Schwander who is fine art adviser and head of the jury panel. With the BMW Art Journey Award, Lu will travel through Indonesia, India and Japan to study contemporary and traditional dance.