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Rihanna attended the Art Basel last week and no one noticed

It is a fact that Rihanna is a big superstar even though she has not released any new music this year. One because she recently became the first woman of color to lead a luxury fashion line at LVHM and so she also became world’s richest female musician. However, we are here to tell you that Rihanna was seen at the Art Basel last week which is her first foray in the art world at a major event such as this. But no one noticed Rihanna’s presence at the Art Basel.

After we reported that the Art Basel had a private VIP preview of all the works on display, Rihanna went to the Art Basel three days later as told by W Magazine recently. This is the 2019 edition of the Art Basel which is also referred to as the Olympics of the Art World. In this year alone, more than 300 art dealers as well as their wares visited the city of Basel in Switzerland for this mega event. We have seen famous personalities like Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio who are art-world fan boys in the past but they were not present this time. This meant that Rihanna was the only attendee with star power and yet, no one seemed to recognize her at the event.

Rihanna was accompanied at the Art Basel by none other than her boyfriend, Hassan Jameel who she has been dating for two years to this date. However, there are some who say that Jameel might be more popular in the Art World as compared to Rihanna because he is a power player in the Art-world. He has a net worth of $1.9 billion whereas Rihanna has $400 million.

However, Rihanna was clicked outside the Messe Basel where she had lunch by a Swiss man whose brother is the owner of the restaurant. Apparently, Jameel might also have had lunch there but he was not clicked.