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The maker of sculptures that enlarge the everyday objects, Robert Therrien, dies aged 71

Robert Therrien was famous for creating sculptures of simple objects that would make viewers think about the scale. Because his sculptures of chairs and tables would be so large that would fill the entire room and humans would look tiny in front of them. According to the Gagosian gallery, though, Robert Therrien has died at the age of 71. Gagosian gallery, along with Sprüth Magers is representing Robert Therrien for a long time.

Robert would create sculptures from everyday objects such as chairs, tables, ladders and other things that we use every day in our living. However, they were oversized sculptures which would be produced at a larger-than-life scale. This would make the viewers seeing the sculptures the same as kids who would crawl beneath the chairs and tables and experience the sculptures and the magnanimity around it. Currently, the structures from Robert can be seen at museums around the world

Gagosian Gallery describes Therrien’s studio as “a fabled fixture in downtown Los Angeles [that] straddled the line between fantasy and reality, like much of his work. Throughout his career, Bob expressed his singular and enigmatic genius through impeccable attention to detail, a transformative imagination with regard to scale, and an ability to translate the oft-overlooked into his own vision of beauty.”

Therrien’s work also had a humorous element to them because for 2000-07 installation, titled RED ROOM, he had the gallery filed with 888 red objects. These objects included suitcases, shoes, articles of clothing as well as cleaning-product bottles and more. Most of the items out of these 888 red objects were in its original form while some of them were painted red so as to fit them in one hue.

In a statement during a show held at Gagosian’s San Francisco gallery, Robert said that “There is a diversity in the way people see, Some always see flat. Others always in perspective.”