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Rod Webber Arrested For Vandalizing NY Gallery Of Hunter Biden

Rod Webber, the man who had vandalized the New York gallery of Hunter Biden on Friday, has been arrested.

On Friday afternoon, Webber entered Georges Berges Gallery that represents President Joe Biden’s son. With a can of pink spray paint (which he later claimed to be just washable hair spray), he wrote the word “daddy” on a wall before he was taken down. In the ensuing struggle, he also damaged a painting estimated to be worth $14,500. He was taken down by an unidentified civilian.

Rod Webber

Webber had actually live-streamed the whole incident on Facebook. The 1hr20min video begins with Webber standing outside the gallery and talking about Joe Biden, including claims that the President had worked with “segregationists” and “klansmen”. His takedown by the civilian and subsequent arrest by the cops was also recorded. Webber later specified that he wanted to write “daddy is a war criminal” on the wall. He also claimed that the gallery of Hunter Biden was a front for laundering money. It should be noted that none of the works by Hunter Biden were present in the gallery at the time.

This is not the only stunt Webber – also known as “Flower Man” – has performed in the art world. In 2019, he vandalized the wall at Art Basel Miami with the words “Jeffrey Epstein Didn’t Kill Himself”. Incidentally, it was the same wall where Maurizio Cattelan had taped his infamous $120,000 banana (which he later ate). Earlier, in 2015, Webber created a scene during a Trump rally in New Hampshire and was manhandled by his supporters. Later, he sued the Trump campaign and won compensation in Jan this year.