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Swiss Museums, over the past decade, dedicated just a quarter of their Solo Shows for Women Artists

In the art institutions around the world, there is a grwoing push that there should be gender parity. This means that the solo shows dedicated to male and female artists should be equal. But we have a new survey which shows that this divide is still seen in the Swiss museums. It has been revealed that only a quarter of solo shows were dedicated to the women artists in the musuems around Switzerland. The survey reveals that only 31 percent of the shows were dedicated to women artists. This survey was conducted by the and RTS which is a Swiss public television.

However, it has been found out that the number is even lower for solo exhibitions of women artists. There were just 26% of solo shows dedicated to the women artists over the past year while this number was 31% when group exhibitions were taken into account.

Kunsthaus Zürich spokesperson Björn Quellenberg said on this survey that “Our museum reflects the artistic rules and principles of the last 600 years—there were lots more men. When we have contemporary art shows, however, we seek to install a balance between sexes,” He also added that “When we ask the public what they would like to see, they often tell us the names of famous male artists.”

However, it must be noted that this is an average of al the museums in Switzerland and not every museum is same in this regards. For example, the Musée Alexis Forel in Morges, canton Vaud, dedicated 81 percent of their total solo shows for female artists which is the highest whereas the Museum Nairs in Scuol dedicated 55 percent shows and Kunsthalle Basel showed 53 percent shows. Looking at the overall score, only 8 museums showed more shows from women than men in total.

It is very interesting to note, though, that museums such as Musée d’art et d’histoire in Genève, the Maison Tavel in Genève, Musée Rath in Genève, Museum Oskar Reinhart in Winterthur, and the Pinacoteca comunale in Locarno did not even have one solo show from women over the past decade.