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Taylor Travaglione Reshapes the Luxury Real Estate Experience with ONE Sotheby’s International Realty

No sphere of life, or sector of the global economy, has survived the pandemic unchanged. Adapt or become extinct adage of the survival theory has been set in motion with renewed strength. Of all sectors, real estate has probably been affected most dramatically, same as tourism, travel, and others that involve a high degree of social interaction. The pandemic brought about a dramatic reassessment of values, one being real estate value, especially in unique places. It also has brought about new opportunities.

Florida’s southeast coast, known to be the home to some most attractive real estate in the US, has seen an unprecedented rise in luxury and ultra-luxury property prices since the beginning of the pandemic.  Second only to Texas, Florida has the highest number of immigrants from other states; New York and California are losing population. Florida’s real estate market has been one of the largest beneficiaries of the pandemic, attracting wealthy Americans with low taxes, warm weather, and a relative lack of crowds.

Si vis pasem, para bellum. If you want peace, be ready for war—in tune with the ancient Roman saying one established real estate veteran and visionary Taylor Travaglione of ONE Sotheby’s International Realty was prepared for an opportunity like this all along. Taylor joined ONE Sotheby’s International Realty after twelve successful years in New York real estate and an outstanding professional reputation under his belt. Success in the real estate business is a function of personal charisma, nurturing a fruitful business relationship, and grasping a business opportunity early on where others have not spotted it yet. Taylor possesses this vision that has propelled him to vice president of growth and business development for the prestigious real estate group. Within the Group, he is in charge of its 22 offices across Florida’s southeast coastline, the area with a booming real estate market.  It is the profound knowledge of the complex sector of the luxury market, consumer and design trends, the endless intricacies of the real estate sale and purchase transactions that have legitimately put Taylor in his present position and empowers him to advise and connect Group’s agents with buyers and sellers across all markets, regional, domestic, and global. Be it a first-time seller or a veteran multiple-dwelling owner of multi-million dollar homes, Taylor’s advice is priceless. His services transcend a real estate buyer’s or seller’s expectations due to his level of taste and his mastery of architectural and interior design trends.

With Florida’s southeast coast’s real estate market showing no signs of slowing down after almost a year of unprecedented growth, ONE Sotheby’s International Realty, now with Taylor onboard, is set for even greater success. He brings the rare personal touch, his unique listening skills crucial for understanding a client’s needs, the attention to detail, and the unmatched ability to identify a buying opportunity ahead of others.

“I truly take pride in creating a real relationship that extends outside of the realm of the real estate business,” Travaglione says. “When you work with me, you get the dedication, attention, and commitment no matter what— even after a deal, acquisition, or hire is made.”  To learn more about Taylor Travaglione, follow him on Instagram.