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Thomas Herd and T1 Advertising Build Today’s New Cultural Stars

In today’s day and age, taking your destiny into your own hands is more attainable than ever before.
That is why entrepreneurs, business owners, artists, and designers are increasingly turning to do it yourself platforms to empower the brand and revenue growth they seek.
One digital marketing agency that has made it easier than ever before to drive do it yourself growth is T1 Advertising
Led by trailblazer CEO Thomas Herd, T1 Advertising offers entrepreneurs and brand owners risk-free pathways to do everything from attain market superiority on Google, Instagram, and Tik Tok…..and beyond just that….leverage their new, minted market superiority into 30% + improved cost per acquisition rates so that brands can start sustainably scaling at a higher ROI multiplier.
The winning formula has brought T1 Advertising best in class clients from the arts- including contemporary stars such as Louis Carreon and Amoako Boafo, in fashion such as LVMH, Prada, L’Oreal, and in entrepreneurs such as Tillman Fertita, Jonathan and Joshua Viner, and more.
Yet Herd and T1 do not relegate their industry-leader growth solutions exclusively to the 1%.
For Herd, a self-made business success and survivor of a crippling bout with OCD, the mission of the firm is to develop and mint the new wave of industry leaders.
As of now Herd and T1 work with roughly 100 clients per month, the vast majority of those brands and entrepreneurs on the come up- Me Undies, Pretty Little Thing, Boohoo, Charles Lew (LA City Small Business Commissioner), Travis Bott (Crypto Mogul), developing them into the new leaders of industry and culture.
Such trajectory architecture- mirroring his own path from obscurity to renown- is ultimately where the value lies for Herd. And he wants to let the rest of the market know that the opportunity to take your future into your own hands is now easier than ever with the system created by T1.