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Top Sports and Entertainment Real Estate Agent Justen Alias Gearing Up for Launch of New Business: Nexus

When top athletes, celebrities and influencers need to relocate, or just want to find their next home, they call one of the most trusted agents in the industry. Meet Justen Alias.

Alias uses his strong network, powerful negotiation skills and unique marketing tactics to help some of the country’s top sports and entertainment clients secure their dream pads. And he is about to make the process even more seamless with his newest business venture, Nexus.

Nexus is a nationwide real estate network with a focus on the sports and entertainment niche. “The network will feature realtors, sports agents, current athletes, retired athletes, financial advisors, and concierge companies. Every member will be vetted and have experience working with sports and entertainment clients,” explained Alias. “Nexus will also help professional athletes when they start with a new team or get traded.”

Nexus is set to launch in mid-September and will be available in every major city. With success story after success story, Alias has built a strong rapport with everyone from top YouTube stars to NBA legends. The new network will provide those in the industry with all the necessary tools to ensure a smooth, seamless process when buying a new home.

To stay updated on what Alias is up to and his upcoming business ventures or to inquire about purchasing a home, get in touch with him through his websites Moving Miami Florida and Miami Luxury Leases or follow him on Instagram.