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Venice hosts Postwar artists; “On Fire” Series

Venice brings up the “On Fire” featuring postwar artists. It discusses the potential of destruction most artistically. The Tornabuoni Art discloses the artwork taking reference from the postwar movements. It chooses the element of fire. The exhibition will be fu run with from support of Fondazione Giorgio Cini and BrunoCorà.

The post-war exhibition entails 28 works. It is from some of the amazing artists, Alberto Burri, Pier Paolo Calazolari, and Yves Klein. The exhibition also entails the work of Jannis Kounellis and Claudio Parmiggiani. The post-war masterpieces direct come from the artist’s estates.

This is one of the major gallery exhibitions showcasing the revolutionary postwar. The European avant-garde representation in the medium of art never been seen before. What makes it the best is the element of fire in the subject matter. Also, artists like Arman and Klein truly fascinates fire and creatively use it in their art pieces.

The gallery gave the statement stating, “Naturally fugacious, fire has no shape, weight, or density. Nevertheless, it has always been a source of fascination for artists, both for its potential effects on other materials and its potential active presence in works of art. The postwar avant-garde movements experimented with fire on various materials, thereby exploiting its destructive as well as its generative effects……..

Fire leaves the existence just like the post-war. However, no matter where it travels or how it ignites, it is the juncture of creation. It leads to the creation of energy, smoke, light, and an amazing visual presence. It is the best element calling for historic symbolism like post-war. Also, it is the most dazzling concept the gallery ever came up with. It gives the most revolutionary poetic reference.

It is a revolutionary experience for both artists and visitors to the art gallery. The exhibition discloses how the combustive effect. It discloses the medieval effect of punishment. It also entails the purification giving it a more of a symbolic presence.