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Why Emanuele D’Angelo Loves Travel Photography

In order to live a happy and fulfilling life, one must look inward and follow their passions. While this statement may seem as obvious as it is cliché, very few people have the self-awareness, access to resources, or ability to follow through on that sentiment. Emanuele D’Angelo is not one of those people.

D’Angelo did not always know he wanted to travel the world photographing new cities, landscapes, and people, but when he realized his passion, nothing could stop him. Despite having a dependable and exciting career photographing celebrities and A-list events, D’Angelo wanted to raise awareness to climate change and nature with his photography. Once a close friend, and fellow travel photographer, told D’Angelo about the travel photography industry, a light bulb went off in D’Angelo’s head. He quickly understood that he would live both a happier and more meaningful life if he paired his love of discovering new places and desire to raise awareness for climate change with his love, and talent, for photography.

Since that moment, D’Angelo has never looked back. Now the Italian photographer is a top travel photographer going to new countries and continents to photograph everything he finds interesting. D’Angelo has been all over the world focusing on different cities and themes each time he travels, producing unique projects along the way.

Following his love of tropical beaches, intense sunsets, and bright colors, D’Angelo has made a habit of traveling to South America to capture photographs of the cities, landscapes, and the people who live there. D’Angelo has been to both Bogota and Cartegena in Colombia in order to photograph the particular aspects of the cities, the residents, and the surrounding mountains. Further, D’Angelo is infatuated with the tropical and colorful capital of Brazil, Rio de Janeiro, having captured amazing photos of the city, the coast, and the residents. D’Angelo has also been to the cultural and bohemian epicenter of Argentina, Buenos Aires, on one of his travel photography excursions. D’Angelo is on the recording stating that he is extremely fond of South America and its cities due to their mix of epic landscapes, cultural variety, and vibrant colors.

In terms of projects, D’Angelo is always finding ways to creatively display and organize his work. When it comes to published books, D’Angelo has two. After spending a fall season in Tokyo, Japan, D’Angelo put together a collection of his photographs titled, ‘October in Tokyo.’ After becoming fascinated by Los Angeles motorcycle culture, specifically Los Angeles low rider culture, D’Angelo went to LA and spent an extensive amount of time photographing the enthusiasts in the city for his book titled, ‘Baby Let’s Cruise.’

D’Angelo has recently become passionate about drone-enabled photography. The young travel photographer has been to the Northern European Island of Iceland to photograph landscapes that would be incredibly challenging, or next to impossible, to capture without drone technology.

Staying true to his passions and interests, D’Angelo is also known for photographing as many tennis courts as he can, in every location he goes to.