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Wisconsin Art Museum wants to become ‘Most Open’ in America by staying open 12 hours a day, 7 days a week

Wisconsin Art Museum has announced that it aims to be the ‘Most Open’ Museum in America. Now, we generally see that the Museums in America, as well as other parts of the world, stay open for a limited time during weekdays and weekends. However, Winsconsin Art Museum announced that it will remain open 12 hours every day and this will be 7 days in a week. This means that the museum will remain open to visitors every day of the week for 12 hours.

This announcement is done by the Chazen Museum of Art at the University of Wisconsin in Madison. The management of this museum has also announced that they will remain open from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. every single day. This decision is taken as they want to cater to a wider range of audience.

Now, we already mentioned earlier that it is pretty rare for a museum to stay open 12 hours a day. Also, it is unprecedented that any museum stays open each day of the week. Therefore, it will be the first time ever that a museum in America achieves this feat. However, this is an unprecedented feat even for the Wisconsin Museum too.

Because the museum currently remains open for just 53 hours in a week. But it now plans to remain open for 84-hours in a week which is a pretty significant jump. Chazen’s director Amy Gilman, in a press release, said that:

“True accessibility starts with our doors being open. We all lead busy lives and we would love to see students, faculty, community members, and tourists drop in for a few moments, for an hour, or on a schedule that makes sense for them. This is just one example of how, by thinking differently, we can welcome more people and make the experience more enjoyable,” Gilman added. Over the next year, we will be exploring how we can make additional changes in this same spirit.” ”