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Andrea Éva Győri, Explorer of Female Sexuality, Dies at 37

Hungarian artist Andrea Éva Győri, known for her powerful works exploring themes of sexuality and strength, has died at the age of 37.

Her death was confirmed by Harlan Levey, owner of the Brussels gallery that represented Győri, with the cause of death being cancer. Győri had been battling breast cancer since first being diagnosed with it in 2017. Győri, who was born in Budapest in 1985, was living in Rotterdam when she died.

Andrea Éva Győri, Loving Domination, 2018 | Harlan Levey Projects
Andrea Éva Győri, Loving Domination, 2018

A diverse artist, Andrea Éva Győri created sculptures, drawings, paintings, installations and performances. Most of her works revolved around the themes of the female body, sexuality and sexual pleasure, in an effort to create an openness around the subject. Perhaps her most well-known work was ‘Vibration Highway’, which she created while working under sexologist Dania Schiftan. During this, Győri learned the anatomy of female pleasure and orgasm, ultimately inviting participants for her project. Vibration Highway was first exhibited at the Manifest Biennial in Zurich in 2016. The works have since then been shown at various other galleries, like the Haus der Kunst show in 2018. The project was also converted into a book with the same name in 2018.

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After being diagnosed with breast cancer, Andrea Éva Győri was the subject of the short film ‘Talking To Breast’ (2018) filmed during her surgery. Harlan Levey wrote about her: “Her practice says so much about her personality and life. She maintained it with remarkable grace and dedication while navigating her illness. Andrea Eva was deeply curious, full of empathy, and often prophetic.