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Ukraine Launches NFT Museum To Preserve Cultural Heritage

Amid the Russia-Ukraine war, the latter will launch an NFT museum to preserve the history and culture of Ukraine.

Alex Bornyakov (Deputy Minister of Digital Transformation, Ukraine) revealed the plans for the museum on Twitter. Titled ‘Meta History: Museum of War’, the objective of the website is  “to preserve the statehood and history of Ukraine,” according to Bornyakov. One of the key features of the website would be the “warline” – a timeline of events in the Russia-Ukraine conflict, with NFTs accompanying each major event.

Each NFT, portraying some important moment of the war, was created by Ukrainian artists. So far, the first three days of the war have been documented by the NFTs, with many more to come. The works, however, are not just for the exhibition – they will be available to buyers from March 30. The starting price of the works will be 0.15 ETH (equivalent to $475 currently). All revenues from the sales will go to the Ministry of Digital Transformation.

One of the primary objectives behind launching the virtual museum was to fight the fake news and propaganda spread by the Russian state and media since the war began. For this, they turned towards the decentralized, permanent ledger technology of blockchain. The Meta History Museum Twitter handle has been tweeting about the museum since its launch.

One of the tweets said: “Disinformation is used by russia on a par with deadly military weapons in Ukraine. The NFT-museum is based on a deep intention to keep the memory of real wartime events via blockchain and raise charitable donations to support Ukraine.” The handle is also keeping eye on imposter accounts – that claim to represent the museum while taking advantage of the situation – and flag them.