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Archaeologists digs into surface of Arthur’s Stone

Archaeologists from the University of Manchester digging at the ancient site correlated to King Arthur. King Arthur’s stone is a 5000-year-old tomb. It is in the region of Herefordshire.

Julia Thomas, Professor at the University of Manchester, stated, “Arthur’s Stone is one of this country’s outstanding prehistoric monuments, set in a breathtaking location—yet it remains poorly understood. Our work seeks to restore it to its rightful place in the story of Neolithic Britain.

Professor Keith Ray will also be joining the team of archaeologists from Cardiff University. The students from Cardiff and American institutions are also volunteering in the excavation. The university also partners up with the English Heritage. The tomb’s caretaker.

The archaeologist will be examining the areas in the south of the monument. They will also try to uncover the information not revealed yet. There is an expectation of great revelation from these archaeological remains.

As per the English Heritage, we will see Arthur’s stone resembling the tombs in the regions. The incomplete skeletal remains have many stories to tell. We will also see archaeologists discovering flint flakes and arrowheads from the pottery.

Arthur’s stone is no less than any other prehistoric monument. It features historical significance to western England and Wales. The tomb holds relation to King Arthur from the 13th Century. Legend also that King Arthur slew a giant in this location. And the giant left his impression on the stone. It is the elbow impression. This excavation will clean the air, whether or not King Arthur existed. Historians have never accepted his existence.

The archaeologist will try to prove the existence of stone. The excavation also entails the innermost chambers of the stone. Built from nine upright chambers featuring gargantuan weighing 25 tons. They will also be harnessing experience from the project south of the site.

The odds of existence are very slim. But, the excavation is to establish a missing link verifying the king’s existence. It is one of the stone age monuments.