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The Statue of Liberty continues to draw inspiration in artists

The Statue of Liberty has boosted creativity in young and old artists. It is the epitome of great and modern art. It has represented the world’s brotherhood and singularities on a big stage. On July 04, 2022, when Americans celebrate their independence. We must discuss the impact of the “Statue of Liberty”.

July 4, today, means a world where violence and racism came to an end for America. The country freed itself from deeply rooted discrimination. We are today discussing the same concept about modern art. Paola Pivi, who is an italia artist. She is a multimedia artist.

She recently used “The Statue of Liberty” in her work. Also, she created a replica with the name “You Know Who I am”, It was Lady Liberty with emoji masks. Different faces highlighted a different individualistic approach. The different experiences with freedom. The artist questions the discrimination problem which persists in America.

The artwork takes reference from her life, inspired by the birth of his son. He was born in India. He was stateless before she adopted him. The artist also recalls how it was so difficult for her family to get citizenship in America. Again, it was before she adopted the child.

Another Modern artist, Abigail DeVille, also uses The Statue of Liberty in her work. In addition, she created sculptures and installations. Her recent work,” Light of Freedom,” was for exhibition. It gave a very transparent representation of Black people in America. She took inspiration from the image shared by Black Lives Matter protestors.

“Black Lives matter” was one of the great protests America saw in recent years. The artist took reference for her work when all the protestors linked their arms. And then raising their hands to express solidarity and equality. DeVille use the blue mannequin arms to make the flames in her sculpture. She stated, “Society has tried to separate us or define us by our bodies.”